• The Alva

    In the Mythological Cycle of early Irish literature, the four treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann are four magical items which the Dananns are supposed to have brought with them from the four island cities Murias, Falias, Gorias and Findias, when they arrived in Ireland. From Falias came The Stone of Fál (Lia Fáil) which
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    The Alva
  • Anna

    A competitive athlete, down-to-earth and downright snarky, fourteen-year-old Anna is the girl least likely to lose herself in a fairy tale. Last winter she moved to New York City with her mother and new stepfather, resenting everything about her new life. To spite her mother, she defiantly snuck out to ski in the park (who
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  • Print In The Snow AUDIOBOOK

    The Print In The Snow AUDIOBOOK is now available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Narrated by the most talented Tara Mooney, the story truly comes to life!
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    Print In The Snow AUDIOBOOK
  • Recording the Audiobook

    The wonderful Tara Mooney, bringing the characters of the Wyssun World to life with her animated performance. The amazing Questar Welsh, the owner and sound producer at Real Recordings, together with Tara.
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    Recording the Audiobook
  • Councilor Llewelys

    To a casual human observer all Alva appear the same: androgynously beautiful, aesthetically inclined, skilled at the crafts of their choice. They appear as a homogenous race, which cannot be further from the truth. Not only are they highly individualistic, but also full of contradictions. They are truthful yet elusive, pragmatic yet moralistic, sensitive yet
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    Councilor Llewelys